How turnkey projects can drive your business forward

Posted on: 25 June 2018

Project management can be hard work, especially if you are part of a small company and the weight of managing the project descends on one or two people who need to balance delivering the project with their existing responsibilities. In that situation it is likely that there will be significant problems at some stage. You may find that some major practical difficulty is overlooked or something vital gets missed because there isn't enough time to ensure that everyone has the resources they require. Alternatively, you may discover that as most of the working day becomes devoted to ensuring your major engineering or infrastructure project is delivered the day-to-day running of your business suffers. Work begins to pile up and important decisions get delayed because there is no-one around to deal with them.

Is there a better solution?

If you lack staff with the time, skills or experience to deliver your project on time, then you could hire the staff members you need, but this can be a time-consuming operation, and you have no certainty that the team you pick will work together effectively to deliver the result you need. A more effective option is to engage a company with experience in turnkey project management. Turnkey projects are still your projects, but they are managed on your behalf by an experienced team who know exactly what is required to fulfil every aspect of the project on time and within the agreed budget. With an accomplished team assuming responsibility for the project, your existing staff are free to continue with their regular jobs and the everyday business of your company can continue while the experts deliver your turnkey projects on your behalf.

How do turnkey projects work?

A turnkey project operates as a collaborative arrangement between the project management company and your business. The first step is to explain carefully to the management company the objectives and scope of the project. Once the company know what is expected, they can start to leverage their expertise to advance each stage  of the project. They can liaise with each of the stakeholders to avoid the pitfalls and ensure that the architects, engineers or building contractors know precisely what is required of them and that they have what they need to fulfil their role.

Turnkey engineering solutions help to drive down project costs. They free up your employees' time to keep your business running and keep your clients satisfied.


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