Finding the best metal services company for your business

Posted on: 6 March 2018

If you use any metal in your manufacturing company then you probably need to have it treated in some way before you use it. It may be treated before you create the product, or you might want to add a finishing coating once the manufacturing process is complete. Carrying out metal services of this sort is something that you could do in-house, but that may involve the purchase of special equipment or devoting time to staff training that would be better spent elsewhere. In most cases metal services are best seen as an outside job. Sending out your metal for treatment elsewhere frees up space on your shop floor and ensures that you don't need to spend money purchasing and maintaining equipment which you may only need on an occasional basis.

What metal services do you need?

One of the advantages of using metal for product casings or as component parts in your products is that you can subject the material to so many processes to produce exactly the finish you need. You might opt for a wet spray coating, or you could use a polyurethane or powder coating to adapt the casing to your needs. If it is a metal component you are working with rather than a casing, then you could be interested in nitriding, tempering or hardening the component. As there are so many different metal services that you could use over an extended time it makes sense to take some time to think through which services you might need in the future and choose a metal services company that offers everything that you could need. It is best to establish a good working relationship with one company rather than splitting your business among several companies. Choosing multiple suppliers could unnecessarily complicate your supply lines and make it more likely that something could go wrong.

Is the metal services company a good fit?

Before committing to using a particular metal services company it is always worth investigating them and ensuring that they have a solid industry reputation and a proven track record in working with companies just like yours. Find out what equipment they have and whether they can complete your job within the agreed time. By discussing your exact requirements with your metal services company before they commence work you can ensure that they are the perfect fit for your business and that both of you have the same expectations for the project.


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