5 Projects to Make With Perspex

Posted on: 10 December 2017

If you're interested in doing an art project with perspex, there are all kinds of concepts you may want to consider. You can buy perspex for your project from a range of companies that sell industrial products. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Screen Print Onto Perspex

If you have a photo or a drawing, consider transferring it onto perspex. You can go to a professional printer and ask them to do it, or you can try to do it yourself.

Basically, you place a printed image against your piece of perspex. Then, you cover it with a special clear gel. The gel helps the print transfer to the perspex, and eventually, you remove the paper. You can also paint the perspex to add extra colour. Finally, complete the work by framing the piece of perspex and hanging it on a wall.

2. Make a Necklace

Use a plastic scorer to cut out shapes from a sheet of perspex. Then, break your cut outs free from the rest of the sheet. Use a drill bit to cut a hole in your shapes. Finally, attach the pieces to a chain or a piece of twine, and now, you have a necklace.

3. Create a mobile

Instead of making charms out of perspex, cut long pieces in a range of colours, and if possible, bend some of the pieces, so they create spirals or long waves. Drill small holes into the pieces so that you can connect them to a wire circle.

Hang the wire circle from the ceiling. If you want to infuse light, attach the mobile to a light fixture and watch as the light shines between the different pieces of plastic.

4. Make Boxes

It's pretty easy to make a cube out of a few sheets of perspex and some glue. To add intrigue, place a bunch of holiday twinkle lights inside the cube. You may need to cut a hole in the cube so that you can attach the strands of lights to an extension cord.

Now, you have a cool glowing colorful box of lights. Experiment with clear perspex and coloured lights or use different colours of perspex and clear lights.

5. Create an Outdoor Easel

If you want your little kids to spend more time outside, consider creating a perspex easel. Basically, just frame a large sheet of perspex and attach it to the outside of your home. Then, add a tray for markers or paint, and let your kids create to their heart's content. Wash everything off and start again.


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