The Various Dog Crates Manufactured in the Market

Posted on: 22 October 2017

A dog crate can be described as a slated case which is used for the transportation and storage of canines. Crate manufacturers develop various designs each intended to offer you exemplary service. With the many varieties available, it can become hard to select the perfect crate. To help you choose, here is an analysis of the various kinds:

Plastic Dog Crates – A plastic dog crate is known to be both sturdy and reliable. It also provides more privacy for your dog. The crate has adequate ventilation through the many holes available on the sides. Plastic dog crates are easy to sanitise and maintain. They are durable as the thick plastic used is hard to destroy. Crate manufacturers also ensure that they are well enclosed to provide a den-like experience for the dog. However, despite the fact that they are simple to clean, the crates absorb odour. They are also quite bulky, making them difficult to carry around.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates – From the name, the soft-sided dog crates have walls made from a smooth mesh material. The crates also have a steel frame used to give them a structure. Such crates can only be used for smaller dogs, due to their size. The crates are also affordable, light and easy to use. Crate manufacturers design them to fold down which promotes easy storage. The soft nature of the crates ensures that your dog is comfortable. They are, however, not suitable for aggressive and big canines as they can chew on the light material. The crates are hard to clean making them unsuitable for dogs that have not been potty trained. The soft-sided dog crates are not durable, due to their delicate nature.

Wire Dog Crates – These sorts of crates are made from metallic materials. The crates are perfect for small puppies which love to chew a lot. They can also be used for big dogs as they are quite sturdy. They offer excellent airflow and visibility inside the cage. One of the advantages of the wire crates is that they can be easily folded and transported. They are also easy to clean and maintain due to their physical structure. Crate manufacturers ensure that some wire dog crates are designed with bottom trays that can be slid out while cleaning. However, dirt and dog hair can be stuck within the bars making the cleaning process difficult. The crates can also rust overtime when in constant contact with moisture.


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