Why It Is Important to Keep Industrial Refrigerators Running Energy Efficiently

Posted on: 19 July 2017

Compared to the refrigerators used for residential and commercial applications, industrial refrigerators generally use up more electricity. Therefore, it is highly critical for users of industrial refrigerators to ensure the energy efficient operation of their equipment. Energy efficient operation of industrial refrigerators does not just help lower energy bills, but also provides many other essential benefits to equipment users. Want to know what these perks are? Continue reading on then. 

Improved safety

Industrial refrigerators that waste energy efficiently can pose a safety threat to those working at a particular industrial facility. Sources of energy wastage may be potential causes of safety hazards. A faulty compressor, for example, may lead to overheating and spark a fire accident. Incidences where refrigerators malfunction due to faulty components and end up causing grievous injuries to workers at industrial facilities are not unheard of. Ensuring that refrigerators are working energy efficiently includes keeping tabs on electrical problems that have the potential to cause accidents at the workplace. Therefore, refrigerators that run energy efficiently can improve safety levels at industrial facilities. 

Better working environment

Industrial refrigerators are large pieces of equipment that comprise various moving components like motors and cooling fans. Hence, it is perfectly normal for this type of equipment to make some noise while running. However, when an industrial refrigeration system is not running at peak efficiently, it will tend to make louder-than-usual noises. This is usually because energy is not being used efficiently, and this results in straining of the entire system, thus contributing to noisy operation. In addition, refrigerators that run energy efficiently can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which may result from leakage of transfer fluids around the system.

Improved system reliability

Energy efficient operation of refrigerators ensures that the equipment can handle cooling loads well by optimising energy balance for the refrigeration system. In other words, this involves matching of the cooling load and refrigerator capacity. This will keep the equipment running reliably, thus minimising the risk of costly system breakdowns at an industrial facility or plant. This, in turn, maximises productivity levels at industrial facilities.

Industrial managers that want to improve the energy efficiency of their refrigeration system can go about the project in two different ways: improve the efficiency of their current system, or do away with their existing system and design a new system from scratch. In order to choose the best route, it is best to consult a HVAC contractor that specialises in upgrading industrial refrigeration systems. 


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