Independent Wine Maker? You Need Custom-Made Boxes

Posted on: 16 July 2017

If you are lucky enough to own your own vineyard and make your own wine, you will definitely benefit from custom-made boxes for your product. Wine packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and custom packaging allows you to make your mark in your industry using your own branding. Whether you are just getting started or you need an upgrade to your branding, custom made boxes offer the perfect solution. 

Wine Box Or Carriage Box?

You can choose to have your own wine packaging designed to suit your needs. Whether you would like to package your wines in wine boxes, or you need branded cardboard boxes for transporting your bottles of wine, there are custom-made boxes available. Most custom-made boxes for the transport of bottles are designed to hold and transport between 6 and 12 bottles of wine. The bottles are protected in cardboard sections that ensure every order reaches its intended destination in one piece. 

Designing Your Custom-Made Boxes

Designing your wine packaging is an exciting and rewarding process. Imagine your own name or the name of your vineyard emblazoned across your custom made boxes and custom packaging. This is when your wine business venture suddenly becomes all the more real. 

Choosing The Right Amount Of Custom-Made Boxes

When you first start out in winemaking, there may be a temptation to over order on your custom-made boxes. Think about the volumes of wine you are likely to produce. Are you expecting a bumper crop this year? Are you offer a number of different varieties of wines that may require different wine packaging. You may also need to consider what is on your packaging. For example, it is customary to include the year the wine was produced. For this reason, you will not be able to carry your custom made boxes and wine packaging over to the next year's wine supply.

How Custom-Made Boxes Help Make An Impact

Your branding tells your customers who you are and makes your wine easily distinguishable from other brands. Getting your designs right is essential if you want to ensure your brand stands out. By working with a wine packaging supplier with years of experience, and who knows how to ensure wine companies get the best return on their investment, you'll have packaging you can return to time and time again and which can be tweaked each year to suit your needs. 

Contact a packaging supplier for more information and assistance. 


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