Making Light Work: The Advantages Of Choosing Laser Engraved Signage For Your Business Premises

Posted on: 13 July 2017

Clear, attractive signage is necessity for any business that trades publicly, so if you are looking for new signs for your commercial operation you will want to ensure that they are manufactured to the highest possible standards. With this in mind, many businesses choose laser-engraved signs to advertise their services and locations, and with the numerous advantages this sign production method has it is easy to see why. Here are just a few of the ways choosing laser engraved signage can benefit your business:


Laser engraving machines are controlled by sophisticated software programs which are capable of levels of precision far beyond those of the average squishy human being. Combine this with the incredible power and precision of the narrow laser beams they use, and you have a sign creating method that can accurately and repeatedly reproduce any engraving design you could imagine.

Wide range of materials

Laser engraving machines are capable of working with an enormous variety of materials, giving you a choice of looks for your new signage. From traditional signage made from timber to modern, sleek signs created with vinyl, aluminium or even stainless steel, laser engraving services are capable of producing signs that match the aesthetic and ethos of practically any business.


Engraved signage has a distinct advantage over simpler, printed signs in terms of durability, and while printed logos, lettering and designs can fade and diminish over time an engraved sign will stay legible and attractive for far longer. Since laser engraving machines are capable of working with immensely durable materials (such as steel and weather-resistant thermoplastics), laser engraving services can create signage capable of withstanding the test of time, shrugging off the deleterious effects of inclement weather and intense sunshine.

Dual-colour signage available

One of the most unique advantages of laser engraved signage is the ability to choose dual-colour signs. Since laser engraving machines only remove the top layer of a sign material to create their letters and logos, choosing a multi-coloured, layered material (vinyl is a popular and inexpensive choice) allows laser engravers to instantly create signs with vibrant, contrast-coloured lettering and designs, giving your business a truly distinctive look to customers.

High turnover

The sophisticated, computer-controlled nature of modern laser engraving machines doesn't just make them incredibly precise; it also allows them to churn out large amounts of signage at incredibly high rates, especially if your chosen signs are identical or near-identical. As such, a business can order a batch of laser engraved signs and have them manufactured and delivered within days, ensuring your business isn't caught napping when new opportunities emerge.


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