Reasons Your Builder Should Use Formatubes for Your Residential Columns

Posted on: 12 July 2017

A few columns on your porch add aesthetics to your house especially if you want to create an illusion of space. However, without the right tools, it could be hard to achieve an upright, strong and elegant column. That is why builders prefer to use formatubes when erecting residential columns. For example, cardboard columns allow for easy pouring of concrete to form those upright columns you want for your porch. Nonetheless, it is not the only reason why builders use formatubes when building porch columns. The following are other reasons you would ask your builder to use formatubes

Ease of Release -- Traditionally, builders have relied on long pieces of wood nailed together to form hollow supports that would then hold the concrete in place as it dries. However, builders do not have the luxury of waiting for the concrete to dry evenly and entirely before removing the wooden supports since it would stick to the wooden structures. Using formatubes eliminates such problems because their insides are coated with a thin film of oil. The film prevents sticking of concrete on the insides thereby allowing for easy release once the concrete dries.

Water Resistance Capability -- Formatubes are infused with a plastic coating that has water resistance capabilities. As such, you do not have to worry about rainwater sipping and to compromise the curing process of the concrete column. However, when wooden supports are used, you are left at the mercy of weather conditions. Since proper curing needs just the right amount of water, wooden supports will absorb too much of it and compromise the curing process, which results in weak columns.

Smooth Finish -- Formatubes have a plastic lining called plastitube. The piece of material eliminates spiral marks formed on the surface of wet concrete columns during the release stage. Consequently, the column is left with a smooth finish that could be painted on immediately. The same cannot be said of wooden supports due to their characteristic rough surface.

Minimal Bracing Requirements-- Formatubes are designed to stand upright; therefore, they need minimal support when used, which allows for minimal disturbance of dry concrete column when the time comes to remove the tubes. However, the same cannot be said of wooden supports that have to be reinforced with nails and wires just to keep them upright. Consequently, the likelihood of ending up with distorted when using wooden supports is relatively high.    


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